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The Rogue congratulates Sonja Marquis, winner of the SPOT THE ROGUE contest drawing!

The winning entry (5/30/11)

The drawing (6/6/11)

Winning stuff is fun.
Seeing quality theater on someone else's dime is fun.
Taking jokingly clandestine photographs — at locations other than the airport — is fun.

In the spirit of fun, The Rogue Critic announces the SPOT THE ROGUE contest.
Read on for details.

  1. "Like" The Rogue Critic's Facebook page, where I'll give occasional clues as to my upcoming schedule.
  2. Use your deductive skills to SPOT THE ROGUE at any Rogue activity.
  3. Take a photo of the selfsame Rogue.
  4. Post the photo to the Rogue's Facebook page.

What constitutes a "Rogue activity"?

Essentially any time I'm in or near a theater, it's a Rogue activity. Staged readings, special events, and shows I'm attending for fun are all eligible, as are shows I will be reviewing. Also eligible are between-shows Saturdays and related pre- and post-show pursuits. So if you see me at The =7= Brothers or the Go Comedy! bar, or typing away at Panera, by all means, SPOT THE ROGUE.

When do I win? How do I win? What do I win?

SPOT THE ROGUE began March 31, 2011, and will continue through May 31, 2011.

At the close of the entry period, a single winner will be drawn from the pool of all confirmed entries. The winner will be announced via The Rogue Critic's Facebook page and notified via email, Facebook message, or some combination thereof.

The winner will receive two (2) tickets to a production of his or her choosing, at any theater covered by the Rogue. Maximum value $100; prize to be redeemed by December 31, 2011.

What are the rules and restrictions?

Theater employees and artists are eligible to SPOT THE ROGUE. Stealth is not required — I'll welcome photo opportunities and even smile and/or pose. You do not need to appear in the picture.

So long as the photos are from different shows, the number of times an entrant may SPOT THE ROGUE is unlimited. But one (1) entry per theatrical event, please — this means a photo at the theater and a photo at a local hangout immediately thereafter count as a single entry. Ultimately, the eligibility and number of entries is at the discretion of the Rogue.

A Facebook account is not required for entry in the contest. Entrants unable to upload to the Rogue page may email their photos to; however, in order to be eligible, they must grant consent for the image to be posted on Facebook.

I have questions and/or comments.

By all means, email and I'll help as best I can.


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